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Tennet's first trip
movieman_kev23 April 2006
Rose (Billie Piper) takes her first trip on the TARDIS with the regenerated new version of the Doctor (David Tennant) to New Earth in the year 5 Billion and 23. Turns out after the Earth we knew blew up (as depicted in Episode 2 of the first series, or of the 28th series is you're a die hard Who fanatic), surviving Humans found a planet with the same elements of the original Earth and colonized it. But I digress, Rose and the Doctor are there to check out a urgent message the doctor got for his help sent by a rather old acquaintance who is being cared for by a mysterious group of cat nuns. But it seems that their old nemesis Cassandra, after surviving her 'death' in an earlier episode, is there as well. I'm not giving any more away to this episode then what I already have,but suffice it to say that this episode is a pretty solid one and if the rest of this series can be as good, it'll be a tad better than the first/28th (let's just hope the Slitheen never NEVER return)

My Grade: A
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A plot which is as random as the show
BrownieLover18 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
If you loved the last series with Christopher Eccleston, be prepared for more weirdness.

In this episode, they travelled to New Earth (hence the title name) to find a hospital run by "Cat Nuns", who have the cure to absolutely everything. Then the Doctor goes to investigate. Then we find out that Cassandra is back trying to find out the same thing.

We then flash to the nuns to find a room full of trapped humans, with every disease known to man.

If you like this much random action as i do, you'll like the whole of this series.
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A Season Debut That's Fun
Theo Robertson29 April 2008
I had high hopes for David Tennant when he was cast as the tenth Doctor . I certainly didn't believe he'd ever reach the dramatic heights of Eccleston's performances as the eponymous time traveller but I knew he'd probably be much better at humour because I never found Eccleston's comedy repartee going beyond gurning . Perhaps a story like Boom Town would have worked slightly better if it'd been produced during the Tennant era ?

As it stands New Earth is quite a fun season opener for a show eagerly anticipated by millions of British TV viewers . If you're eight years old then a year is a very long time indeed and no doubt millions of children were delighted to see the return of the human trampoline Cassandra . The plot does descend in to areas of high camp in places but this seems tailor made for the tenth doctor and the enthusiasm of the cast draws the audience in to the fun . The make up is excellent and while the climax is a bit of a cop out ( it was written by RTD after all ) the final segment is genuinely touching
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A good episode but not a good series opener
pjgs20015 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
New Earth is a good episode. It's hilarious, fun, and fast paced; but Cassandra's servant and the weird looking "zombies" are really off putting to new viewers and to returning fans alike. Tennant and Piper were hilarious, and it was great to see Cassandra and more importantly, the Face of Boe. I really liked the use of the Westminster Bridge theme from series 1- it works very well as an action theme, and the music that played when the Doctor met the Face of Boe again was great.

I think the worst thing about New Earth was the zombies. They looked really bad, and they weren't very good villains. Also, when the Doctor sprayed the zombies with the cure he mixed, shouldn't he have been affected in some way by it as well?

New Earth is a good episode of Doctor Who. It's fun, really funny, and the acting is good, but the villains and the zombies can be very off putting to new fans. Cassandra wasn't as good as she was in the End of the World, and her "pet" was really, really weird. For those reasons, New Earth wasn't a very good series opener. Still, it's not a bad episode. 7/10
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Dr. travels farther into the future than ever (so he says)
Allen Prunty19 April 2006
When Eccleston left the role I was afraid that the chemistry between Rose and the Dr. would evaporate. David Tenant has actually picked up where Eccleston left off and has brought Ecclestons' wide eyed wonder to the role.

I am very pleased that they are bringing back aliens from the second episode of the first season. The writers are doing an excellent job.

I don't want to spoil too much, but it is also established that Rose is attracted to the "New New" doctor thanks to the mind invasion of Cassandra. This one is worth a watch and I believe that David Tenant will be a strong actor in the role of the Doctor.

The Brits always get it right!
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A weak beginning
Markian Hlynka24 May 2006
This was a weak beginning to season 2. The plot seems formulaic and more than a bit hollow. Evil returns, unintentional evil, and evil for the greater good. Not to mention the silliness of The Doctor's final solution. Some interesting insights from the Face of Boe, but even these seemed tacked-on for the sake of interest. Any of episodes 2, 3, or 4 would have made a better beginning to the season. This episode just seems a non-starter.

On the subject of technical inconsistency, why does Cassandra need her fancy illegal machinery only once, after which she can achieve the same results with an effort of will! Sorry, but this episode is uninspiring.
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Doctor, Rose and Cats
little_woman8613 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This episode has been one of my favourites of the whole entire series. I was not fond of Eccleston as Doctor Who, but David Tennant has brought a whole new meaning to the name. The chemistry between Rose and the Doctor is fantastic. My favourite quote has to be when Cassandra was in the doctor's body " Oh baby,i'm beating out a samba" This episode is full with secrets, new, new things, and of course nuns with cat faces which was a tad freaky, but worked so well. It also proved that Billie and David can really act. The voice changes when Cassandra went from Rose's body to the Doctor's body was right on the mark and I could believe what was going on.

In this episode nothing is of the ordinary, Cat nurses are finding cures for everything, the face of Boe appears with a great secret, and Rose kisses the Doctor (although it is actually Cassandra) We also find out that Rose is attracted to the new doctor.
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New Earth. New Beginning
cybermansec22 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The writer of this quite exciting episode is Russell T Davies. He has written such lows as World War Three and The Christmas Invasion. But don't forget that he wrote the stunning Parting Of The Ways and Rose! So lets clap him. The basic storyline of this episode is a double of the Earth, New Earth. In a hospital, lady Cassandra is body swapping with Rose and the doctor whilst diseased patients go on the rampage.

Some of the prosthetics coming out of this story are startling (cat nuns!) and the Face of Boe returns. That's good because I like the Face of Boe. He is joined by the Duke of Manhattan (with patrifold regression) and of course a new, new doctor. Scottish born actor David McDonald (or Tennant) is the newbie. But is he anything compared to Christopher Eccleston? Not really. No he isn't. This doctor is well too wacky with no warning. Creepy at times, shouting at times, and smiling at times. The bad thing is that we have another 13 weeks of this doctor. Billie Piper and Zoe Wanamaker are alright I guess. Zoe is only in the end but she acts fantastic. Billie hasn't changed a bit. Except from she isn't crying, she's too busy not being herself.

This is the section that brings this episode to a 6 out of a possible 10. Russell, after writing the horrid Christmas Invasion, is trying to do his best to keep this story in control. Well, if he had it would have been better. This story is in all types of places. Split up to the extreme. The first 15 minutes are safe, with a hospital and a body change. It goes horribly wrong after. It's a confusing plot and I spent a good couple of minutes trying to find out what was going on. But it was worth it for that beautifully written ending. It was exciting in one aspect, death and gore. Finally the special effects I disliked. I don't want to go into it though. But I just thought they really brought the story down.

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Great start
subtlemagic30 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was one I loved from the first minute. When I first heard that Chris was going to be taken over by a new doctor I was outraged and I know from my friends that I wasn't the only one, but David has repeatedly proved his worth. I love his spin on the doctors personality that has left me from the second an episode finished waiting for the next one. I love the apple grass. It just made me laugh. I felt quite sorry for the cats they weren't inherently evil they were just trying to help but they did go the wrong was about it, hey what can you do. The return of Cassandra was the brilliant and made me sad. The face of Boe's secret now what's the betting that they will continue that on for about 3 series making us all really irritated in the process. Well I myself just cant wait to find out though I believe that it has something to do with bad wolf! Rose is a chav. It was so stupid! but very funny. I don't know if I want rose to fall in love with the doctor though. sigh.
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A bold and fun start to the new series
Paul Evans13 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have a huge fondness for New Earth, it's the first full outing for Tennant and Piper, and it's a very good one.

The Doctor and Rose travel further then they've ever gone, The Doctor explains what happened to Earth after its destruction in Episode 'The End of the world,' hence 'New Earth,' and it's not long before we're met with a friend and a foe from that episode, The Lady Cassandra and the face of Boe are both patients at a hospital run by cats. They have the ability to cure impossible diseases, but how? Intensive care is a particularly unpalatable place, so the Doctor is dealing with two enemies, Cassandra and the Nurses.

The cast is outstanding, each of the cats, Dona Croll, Adjoa Andoh and Anna Hope are so good, those costumes must have been tough to wear. Billie Piper is excellent, Cassandra's transformation into Rose is hilariously done, from class to brass. Sean Gallagher is fun as Chip, but my favourite performance comes Cassandra's character through the different actors, her death scene is stunningly done, so moving.

It's not an epic story by any means, and the ending is a little light, but overall it's just real good fun and utterly original.
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tara coates21 April 2006
I thought this was absolutely amazing! I loved the first series and this is still as good as ever. A long with all the wonderful weirdness, there was humour and a scary part. i loved the "Disenfectant" part and the Lady Cassandra as Chip "Oh sweet lord, I'm a walking doodle." my favourite quote was this; "He said, he's talk to the wanderer, to the man without a home. The lonely God." Well done to Billie and David. Keep it up, you're fantastic! Me and my brother watched this together, and for the first time since he saw the Dalek's, he was scared stiff! I laughed as he hid behind the cushion but I must admit some parts made me jump as well!
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New Doctor, new adventures...
Max_cinefilo8920 October 2010
Having revamped the series to great effect with David Tennant's introduction in The Christmas Invasion, Russell T. Davies moves on to the start of the regular season with a basic Doctor Who story: fun, danger, and weird creatures. Sadly, it's a rather disappointing season premiere compared to series opener Rose.

In its own way, though, New Earth is a bit of a landmark in the revived show, in that it's the first episode that actually takes place on another planet (sorry, spaceships and satellites don't count), namely the eponymous new home for mankind, chosen as their home-world after the original Earth was destroyed (in Season One's The End of the World). Here, the Doctor and Rose have an encounter with a race of feline nuns that are able to cure a surprising amount of diseases. Inevitably, something's not quite right about it, and the situation worsens when it turns out that the villainous Cassandra (Zoe Wanamaker), presumed dead after the events of The End of the World, is actually scheming against the time-traveling duo.

Despite a steady pace and the welcome return of both Cassandra and the Face of Boe, the episode is let down by a distinct lack of the novelty that made the first season such a delight to watch. Part of the problem is that Davies usually writes with a bigger picture in mind, but in this case, notwithstanding an intriguing mystery regarding the Doctor's relationship with the Face of Boe, it just feels like a filler story thrown in to start the season.

On the plus side, as mentioned earlier, Wanamaker's bad "girl" (well, an abnormally stretched human face or whatever) is a hoot, and the Doctor/companion relationship is given plenty of room to evolve in light of The Christmas Invasion, even if the contrivance to make them kiss is rather bland, not to mention used too early in the series, as opposed to the truly touching romantic moment between Eccleston and Piper during the climax of The Parting of the Ways. Fortunately, there's 12 more episodes to prove the first season wasn't a fluke...
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Unoriginal, average and clichéd but saved by the excellent cast.
Dr Moo2 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is something of an oddity. David Tennant's 10th Doctor is a fan-favourite but this, his debut proper, is very average. Having been introduced formally at Christmas this is the premier of his first series and the episode is very... safe. One of the two stories is weak and the other has been done to death before on other shows.

The story sees the new new Doctor and Rose go to the future where they are reunited with old friend The Face Of Boe and old enemy Cassandra. They decide to go into a hospital where they discover that Cat-People have been creating human clones with the sole purpose of infecting them with every disease in existence so as to find a cure for everything. That's only the setting for the story though, as the main plot of the episode is about Cassandra possessing Rose's body in order to once again know what to is to live in a proper human body and thus extend her life even further. This is an interesting (but rather unoriginal) concept and it works well, shame about everything else going on in the episode that distracts from it.

The fact that this makes the villain sympathetic makes this an achievement for RTD who fills his script with clever moments of witty brilliance and Tennant & Piper both realise this to perfection with their very physical and energetic performances. The two of them have great chemistry on screen and show why the pairing of Ten and Rose is so popular. The episode also allows for both actors to show their acting ability with the scenes where each is possessed by Cassandra being particular highlights.

It's a shame about the clichéd plot: The diseased hordes just scream "ZOMBIE B-MOVIE" and the mind-swapping is nothing new. Both concerts have been done to death in the past. However, the episode finds a new perspective to come at both from by making all the enemies in this story sympathetic with the diseased people and Cassandra all seeking to be accepted and loved. When it comes down to it, isn't that all anybody ever wants? There are emotional moments throughout the ending scenes but never more than when Casandra visits herself at a party before she dies. Very sad. An achievement in writing.

To conclude: Unoriginal and mostly uninteresting. Saved by the witty dialogue and brilliant acting all round. 6/10
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Just an awful episode opener.
ethanspeed18 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This episode is a complete insult to Doctor Who and an awful opening for series 2. Cassandra is undoubtedly the most annoying and least threatening villain that the entire series has had, and for her to return in this episode felt completely unnecessary. The most annoying part about the episode by far, is that Cassandra kept switching between the doctor's and Rose's bodies CONSTANTLY. Also, the cat people are just downright annoying and just plain stupid. The Worst thing about it by far is that the 10th doctor is insultingly irritating in this story. When you start the episode off with a new doctor, the first impression of the new doctor's character is going to be based off of that first episode, and might I say, the 10th doctor is at his most outrageous in this story. That is why I hate New Earth and I don't care if you like it because I think it's terrible.
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