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Sex & Nudity

  • Mild references, as Van Statten tells Adam and Rose to "Canoodle or spoon, or whatever it is you Brits do"

Violence & Gore


  • The word "god****" is uttered (the only time the profanity has been uttered on screen in Doctor Who).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Perhaps the most frightening scene in the episode is the scene in which the Doctor realizes that the Dalek is helpless. Venting his rage over the Time War, he proceeds to first berate vehemently the Dalek before attempting to electrocute it to death before being restrained by Van Statten's men. Its premise is also very frightening.


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Violence & Gore

  • This is possibly one of the most violent episodes, based on sheer number of rounds expended and on-screen deaths, for the revived series, as well as the very graphic torture scenes. After the Dalek escapes, it crushes the head of a technician and kills numerous soldiers with its gunstick before being cornered in a warehouse. There, a platoon of troops fire hundreds of rounds at the Dalek, trying to kill it. It merely triggers the fire sprinklers and shoots its gunstick at the wet floor, electrocuting all the soldiers to death in one shot. Also there is a graphic torture scene, involiving the doctor as the victim. He is repeatedly electrocuted and is clearly in a lot of pain. This episode is definitely not suitable for any young children.

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