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An inauspicious beginning...
MartinHafer1 June 2014
I recently wanted to see the TV series "Doc Martin" but was surprised to see season one was not available through Netflix--though other seasons are. It IS available currently through Amazon Prime or by buying the DVD set.

The show begins with Dr. Martin Ellingham getting a job in a tiny town on the Cornish coast--a far cry from his fancy work doing surgery in London. Why he does this isn't mentioned in this show and it becomes amply apparent in later shows. Unfortunately, Doc Martin's first days in the town go extremely poorly. Part of it is because of his brusque and nasty demeanor and part is because this is an awful little town. Regardless the two need to learn to work together. Another issue involves some guys with gynecomastia--a situation with the doctor clearly screws up royally.

Overall, this is a nice introduction to the series though very different from the three previous movie incarnations of Doc Martin. While Martin Clunys plays all these folks, the movie Doc Martin comes to the same town but is Doc Martin Bamford, not Doc Martin Ellingham. Odd-- especially since Doc Ellingham is a much nastier sort.

By the way, the title refers to a person losing their mind, or going 'bodmin'.
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You Need to Get It Started Somehow
Hitchcoc6 January 2018
This show has been around for some time but I've not watched it before. This is the maiden episode and it is lacking in continuity and development. It's as if we needed to get to know the characters, but little effort was made to artistically present them to us. The good Doc is a harsh, unfeeling guy who doesn't seem willing to meet anyone half way. So now that this is out of the way, we will see how this plays out, with sound plots and characters we can call our own.
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Brilliant series almost ruined by random fishwifery
Mena Reno22 January 2016
What is it with British TV? It seems almost every fertile start is almost ruined by pointless female snarkiness. In the first six episodes of this series, the beautiful shots of the Cornish coast are overshadowed by the idiotic outbursts from receptionist Elaine. A bit of sass when the Doc gets a bit full of himself is probably needed, but with Elaine there so little that's funny about it that she does nothing for the show. One wonders why writer Minghella bothered with this character, unless of course it was to show how toxic the average young British woman has become. If this is the product of all that history, thank God the British Empire is no more. Elaine basically makes the show Unfunny, like an animal defecating in one's lounge room. Thank goodness she disappears after episode 6.
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