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Amo Que Paso?
moonspinner5518 February 2007
Annette Funicello does her second guest turn on Walt Disney's television serial "Zorro" (this episode being part of the "Disneyland" series, separate from the regular two-season run of "Zorro"). She plays a young miss from Santa Clara who arrives to visit her adoptive "uncle" Don Alejandro who, along with son Don Diego, suspects the girl is in romantic trouble when a suitor with designs on her dowry comes to call. Well-written story keeps Guy Williams busy switching from Diego to Zorro, though some may complain Zorro isn't around enough. There's some funny action, amusingly "bratty" behavior from Annette (who also sings two songs), but a peculiar bit with Sergeant Demetrio apparently getting drunk in the tavern (and having a tussle with the barmaid over his many mugs of ale). Not the best episode in "Zorro"'s run, but still entertaining.
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