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Funny cartoons and short interesting view into part of Walt Disney's life
Nostra113 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This episode from a TV series, in which Walt Disney answered questions that were asked by viewers, shows some "behind the scenes" footage of how specific cartoons came to be. One shows how the music was created and another how research was done for animating raccoons.

This episode has 4 cartoons: - Donald is on his way to Daisy and gets into a fight with Chip'N'Dale - Pluto hunts for a raccoon together with Mickey - Donald in the army - Donald and model trains, again involving Chip'N'Dale

Something I did not know was the Walt Disney was a big fan of model trains (the ones you can sit on and ride yourself). He actually had about 800 meter of tracks installed in his backyard . The footage also shows Kirk Douglas visiting him and riding on such a train.

The cartoons were quite funny, especially the ones with Chip'N'Dale. The weakest one was the one with Pluto.
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