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Plot Summary

  • Rob and Buddy are reminiscing about Freddy White, a deadbeat comedian who they have both provided material to but who never paid them and now tries to avoid them at almost all cost unless he can get something else out of them for free. Rob ran into Freddy when he was out to dinner with Laura and Sally the previous evening. Rob and Buddy are surprised to learn that Sally likes Freddy, who she now considers her primary guy who she hopes someday to marry. Rob knows that Freddy is only romancing Sally to get her to write him some new material for free, which Freddy admits to him in private. Freddy even intends on going as far as marrying Sally to have a permanent and exclusive writer. Rob and Laura fear that if they try to break the two up, Sally will only resent them for doing so. Sally beats them to the punch by announcing that she and Freddy are getting married and that she knows all about Freddy's past and his admission to Rob. She vows to her friends that she knows what she's doing in marrying Freddy, but does she really? Rob thinks he knows a way to show Freddy's true intentions in marrying Sally. Rob's plan takes a bit of a turn from its intended course to its final outcome.

    - Written by Huggo
  • The writing staff may start dissolving after Rob introduces Sally to ne'er-do-well comedian Freddy White (a.k.a. Freddy the Welcher) at an accidental meeting. Instead of seeing the louse as others do, she sees a husband, and no amount of warning will sway her. To Freddy, Sally is both the cash cow able to supply his career with endless free writing and a harpoon of vengeance to deflate his detractors. Rob and Buddy can't see but one way to possibly save Sally - give Freddy what he wants.

    - Written by statmanjeff
  • Marriage looms on Sally's horizon when she meets Freddy White, a rat fink comedian who's willing to become her husband in exchange for endless free comedy material.

    - Written by statmanjeff


Sally (Rose Marie) falls for a comedian Fred White (Guy Marks) who says he wants to marry her for her ability to write him material...

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