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The season 7 finale, and the second part of a two parter...
Parker Lewis23 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is episode 24 of season 7, and not only is it the season finale, it also serves as the second part of a two parter story, starting with episode 23. No murder in this episode per se, as the plastic surgeon (played by Sam Anderson) was murdered by Brett (John Schneider) in episode 23.

Here we know that Brett is a bad egg when he makes a move on Dr Madison Wesley, and she is so smitten by him that she allows him to move in!! Brett's motives are had to do with his wife's suicide when she was a medical student as a consequence of being caught out by plagiarism. And who investigated the plagiarism? Why of course Dr Madison. Thankfully Mark and Steve put 2 and 2 together in time to save a drowsy Madison from being hung by Brett, in her own bedroom. I don't know if Brett died at the end of after falling from the first floor, but maybe he will turn up in a reunion.

Alex, the medical student, doesn't appear in this episode but he was a central character in ep 23. Alex was played by Shane Van Dyke, the son of Barry, and grandson of Dick.

Some key characters in this season 7 finale: Nancy H. Newman (Nurse), Melanie Romain (Autograph Nurse), and Lynda Robertson (Sexy Nurse). Yes, the official credits do give these titles.

They play integral roles in the subplot where everyone in the hospital thinks Jesse wrote a roman a clef about the hospital. It wasn't Jesse, but before this was revealed many of the nurses swooned over him.
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