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Greg has hurt himself while having sex with Dharma in the shower. After a trip to the doctor they go to the pharmacy to get meds, where the couple runs into Dharma's ex-boyfriend, Scott. After hearing a list of Scott's accomplishments, Greg does not believe everything Scott claims to have done. When Greg expresses his misgivings to Dharma and her parents, they think he's just jealous. Greg and Pete break into Scott's apartment to try and gather evidence of his lying. Hearing someone come in, Greg and Pete dive into the closet. It turns out to be Dharma and one of Scott's current girlfriends, whom she has befriended. While speaking with the girlfriend, Dharma learns that Scott has been lying all along. She rushes out to find Greg to apologize for not believing him. In the closet, Greg aggravates his injury and has to go back to the doctor. When Greg explains to the doctor how he got reinjured -- in the "closet" -- the doctor thinks Greg is admitting to being gay. Scott shows up at Dharma & Greg's apartment, and he finally admits he's been lying -- to cover up being a member of a top secret government agency. Kitty & Edward, who have been contacted by Greg's doctor, now think Greg is gay, and come over to the apartment to talk about it with Greg. While Dharma goes to get Greg, Kitty admonishes Edward for Greg's upbringing, saying, "You couldn't play catch with him?" When Greg comes out, Kitty urges Edward to open the conversation. Edward asks Greg, "Wanna play catch?"


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