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[first lines]

Harrison Destry: Banking was a big business in the Old West and - after the saloon, of course - a bank was usually one of the first things built when a new town was started up... especially in those new cow towns that sprang up at the end of the cattle trails. When one of those big herds was delivered, a lot of money changed hands. Some made a career of working in quite a few different banks in different parts of the country. In most of these cases the law took an interest in their little game and generally wound up with a full house. Me? I never indulged in banking. As a matter of fact, the money I usually have wasn't enough to be of interest to a banker and I sure didn't want to get mixed up on the wrong side of the law. That happened to me once, through no fault of my own and since then I've made a full time career of stayin' away from places where there's any sort of trouble.

[cut to scene of a destructive barroom brawl]

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