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Harry Simms returns to his dressing room after his stage act as an impersonator. He goes through impersonations of Boris Karloff and Edward G. Robinson, suddenly notices his dead fiance slumped in a chair and leaves hurriedly. Simms went to college with the younger Preston and goes to him for help. He is introduced to the elder Preston and immediately begins imitating his voice as well as the voices of other celebrities. Since Simms is the object of a manhunt, the elder Preston tells him he must turn himself in. When the District Attorney interviews Simms in the presence of the Prestons, Simms is shocked that his impersonations of celebrities do not impress the DA. The Prestons are shocked that Simms feels compelled to do his act despite the gravity of the situation. The Prestons engage the services of a psychiatrist who interviews Simms. Simms' father abandoned the family and Simms started impersonating famous people to gain the approval of his mother. At the hearing on Simms' capacity to stand trial, Simms becomes angry at the elder Preston and fires him. Simms insists that the younger Preston be his lawyer and begs him not to raise insanity as a defense. In the face of overwhelming evidence of Simms' guilt however, young Preston realizes that he must destroy Simms on the witness stand to save his life. When the younger Preston insists that he explain why his fiance wanted to break off the engagement, Simms turns into Jimmy Cagney - a celebrity he has refused to impersonate in the past. Cagney says he killed Simms' fiance in order to protect Simms. Simms suddenly realizes what he has done and collapses in tears. The jury is now sure to find him not guilty by reason of insanity.


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