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"Wish her aim was as accurate with her thumb" (dialog)
A_Different_Drummer18 January 2015
Kudos again to the writing team.

After what seems a slow start, the episode catches fire at the end as the viewer realizes, belatedly, that this has been one of the most artfully written scripts in the series.

It is like watching a master weaver make a coat. The threads seems to go nowhere ... until you suddenly have something to wear.

The expression "warp and woof" actually appears in the script, as do many other others of equally dubious historical measure, but, bottom line, this episode is a writers' dream.

Olyphant's character (one of the most righteous and upright characters since the bygone days of the 50s westerns) wrestles with two problems that seem un-related. But to the writers, they are one and the same. And this becomes clear by the conclusion.

Also noticed for the first time how the writing team uses the marvellous Ian McShane like the Chorus in a Greek play, or Mr. Interlocutor in a Minstrel Show. He is both a character on his own, but also the voice of the narrator as he says whatever passes over his mind, and so brings the audience with him.

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disagree with previous
a marvelous show, but what happened this episode? It seems like all the characters are slightly changed. Trixie is the most affected, dropping F bombs for no reason and just being aggressive and out of character. I love the shakespearean casserole this whole show is baked in, but for the first time, this episode just lost my interest and seemed like the writing team let the interns do "Pt.2". I hope season 2 gets better. (and its funny, i didn't notice a problem with the setup episode of Pt.1.

Its like everyone is on drugs and their logic is messed up. Seth is behaving more like a robot, but without the underlying fundamentalism that makes him a strong-silent-likeably character.

Of course, just my opinion. Anyone agree?
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