"Dawson's Creek" The Kids Are Alright (TV Episode 2002) Poster


Audrey Liddell: You think we should wake him?

Pacey Witter: Well, we should. As much as I've enjoyed his ramblings and his questionable taste in music, he has bragged about the number of times he's seen you naked.

Audrey Liddell: He has never seen me naked.

Pacey Witter: Really? He knows about the tattoo on you-know-where.

Audrey Liddell: Wake up you little pervert!

[Jack Osbourne rises from the back seat of their car]

Jack Osbourne: What the


Jack Osbourne: ?

Audrey Liddell: What's this about you seeing me naked?

Jack Osbourne: [to Pacey] What the


Jack Osbourne: did you tell her?

Pacey Witter: Only what you told me, chief.

Jack Osbourne: Oh, thanks a lot! Thanks a


Jack Osbourne: lot! I confide in you, and this is what I get?

Audrey Liddell: I'm listening, Jack.

Jack Osbourne: Well, you know that telescope in my bedroom? Well, I didn't exactly do much star gazing.

Audrey Liddell: I'm so telling your father!

Jack Osbourne: Go ahead, he had a peak too. And I might say that he was really impressed.

Audrey Liddell: Okay, then I'm telling your mother, and she's really gonna kick your ass, Jack!

Jack Osbourne: [beat] Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Out of my


Jack Osbourne: way. I gotta take a


Jack Osbourne: piss.

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