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A False Medicine Man
gordonl566 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
DANIEL BOONE – The Prophet - 1965

This is the 15th episode of the long running 1964-70 series about the life of American frontiersman and explorer, Daniel Boone. The lead is played by Fess Parker. Also in the mix are Albert Salmi, Ed Ames, Patricia Blair, Veronica Cartwright and Darby Hinton.

A man, John Russell, is in the area stirring up the local Indian tribes. Russell, disguised as a medicine man from a northern tribe, is trying to get the tribes to join together in a big attack against the settlers. The Shawnee are not impressed with his idea till Russell offers to kill the leader of the local whites. He will capture and bring Daniel Boone to the camp. The Shawnee can then do as they like with the frontiersman.

Several days later, at Fort Bonnesborough, Russell, (sans his disguise) arrives to do a bit of trading. He tells the locals that he thinks the tribes are massing out in the woods for an attack. Fess Parker, (Boone) decides to have a look at this possible problem himself. Parker goes with Russell to sneak up for a look see. Deep in the woods, Russell whacks Parker over the head and trusses him up.

Russell gets into his Indian disguise and delivers Parker to the Shawnee Chief, Joe De Santis. De Santis is impressed with Russell and is now leaning towards joining an attack on the settlers. That is till Parker grabs Russell and rips off his disguise. Parker then tells the Shawnee that there is no reason to attack the settlers. It is all a plot by Russell to claim the land after the local whites are killed. De Santis has the two fight it out to decide who is telling the truth.

A full tilt donnybrook ensues before Russell gets the curb stomping he deserves. The Shawnee agree to keep the peace and tell the other tribes that Russell was a false prophet.

The episode was directed by former big screen helmsman, Robert D Webb. Webb's work included, THE GLORY BRIGADE, THE SPIDER, THE PROUD ONES, SEVEN CITIES OF GOLD, BENEATH THE 12 MILE REEF, THE WAY TO THE GOLD and Elvis Presley's first film, LOVE ME TENDER.
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