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gordonl5612 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
DANIEL BOONE – The First Stone - 1965

This is the 16th episode of the long running 1964-70 series about the life of American frontiersman and explorer, Daniel Boone. The lead is played by Fess Parker. Also in the mix are Albert Salmi, Ed Ames, Patricia Blair, Veronica Cartwright and Darby Hinton.

Daniel Boone (Fess Parker) and Cherokee Ed Ames (Mingo) are out hunting when they come across a woman, Geraldine Brooks and her son, Kurt Russell. The mother and son are being tracked by a party of Shawnee. Parker and Ames grab up the two and whisk them to safety at Fort Boonesborough.

The two are set up in one of the shacks not being used at the moment. Now a man shows up at the fort looking for Brooks and Russell. The man, Gene Evans, is the husband of Brooks and the father of Russell. He has been chasing the two for years. He tells the people of Boonesborough that she is a witch and has been convicted of the crime in New York.

Parker soon has to deal with local residents who are frightened for their children etc. Boone asks what it was that brought the charges. It seems that Brooks is a very good artist with pen and charcoal. She had done some drawings of a native tribe and they were not amused. They thought Brooks had trapped their souls on the paper. They attacked and slaughtered 87 people. The government then charged Brooks. She had grabbed up her son and fled. They have been on the run for years since.

Boone digs up some witnesses to the event and it turns out that it was really Evans who was at fault for the attack.

Not one of the better episodes. Always interesting though to see a young Kurt Russell at the start of his career.
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