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"Daniel Boone" My Brother's Keeper (1964)

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Mingo (Ed Ames), wanted DEAD! Daniel Boone (Fess Parker) must capture his friend Mingo and bring him to justice before all Kentucky erupts in war. Daniel's friend Yadkin (Albert Salmi) is a friend to all in Booneborough and among the Cherokee. Yadkin had canoed up river and while meeting with a Cherokee trading party when they were ambushed by a Creek war party. Yadkin was found floating down river by Daniel's son Israel (Darby Hinton). With Cincinnatus (Dal McKennon) removing the slug (bullet) and Rebecca Boone (Patricia Blair) nursing him, he began to pull through. After he recovered enough, Yadkin identified Mingo as the leader of the Creek warriors and as the very man who shot him. To keep Mose (Adam Williams) and the rest of the men of Boonesborough from going out and starting a shooting war with Mingo's tribe, the Cherokee, Daniel sets out promising to bring Mingo back. Mingo finally allows man-hunting Daniel to enter his camp were he tells Daniel of his successful several weeks raiding the Shawnee. When Daniel brings Mingo before Yadkin to face the charges, Mingo becomes unusually silent when Yadkin states that "it was either Mingo or his ghost". Mingo's silence is deafening to all and taken as a sign of guilt except by Daniel and Yadkin. Mingo flees and Daniel is forced to set out to recapture him. Yadkin tells the people of Boonesborough that it is a matter between Mingo and Daniel-and to stay out of it. While Daniel is on Mingo's trail, he finds a small Cherokee village that was just attacked and still burning. 3 were killed including a child. Again, Mingo is identified as leading the attacking Creek war party. They left an old defenseless woman as the sole survivor. To the Cherokee she reported; the attack, Mingo leading them, and Daniel being there shortly after the attack. Daniel is captured and taken before the Cherokee Council of Chief's. Led by Chief Matawa(Ford Rainey), the Council orders Daniel and Mingo sentenced to death for the attack on the village. Daniel convinces the Council of his innocence and that he too seeks Mingo's capture. After his release Daniel soon finds Mingo, but he is badly wounded. Mingo finally reveals to Daniel his painful family secret. Mingo has a twin brother named Taramingo (Ed Ames in a dual role). When he catches up to Taramingo, Mingo cannot shoot his brother again. Mingo is overpowered by Taramingo's Creek warriors and left for dead. Apparently, there was a blood feud between Mingo and Taramingo. The feud was thought to be finished when Mingo was forced to shoot and kill Taramingo 3 years earlier. However, Taramingo's hatred for Mingo had kept him alive while Mingo, thinking him dead, buried him. Now, Taramingo has returned not just to seek Mingo's death, but worse, the anhililation of his personal honor and character. Since Mingo cannot go on, Daniel picks up the chase of Taramingo. The ensuing climatic battle is ended with a repeat of history. Not recent history, but 3 years old. Mingo is his brother's keeper, but Taramingo's hatred forces the final confrontation on a high cliff.
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