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"Daniel Boone" Empire of the Lost (1965)

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Boone returns from a solo expedition to find Boonesborough eerily empty. A corrupt British officer has kidnapped the settlers, including Boone's family, and forces them into unfriendly Chickesaw tribal lands with the intention of gaining personal control of the territory. He then captures Boone and demands that he sign away all rights to Boonesborough or watch his family and friends be turned over to the tribe. Boone manages to escape, but realizing he has no chance of freeing the captives on his own, he turns to a surprising source of help - the Chickesaw, who have a price on his head because he had shamed the son of the chief in earlier individual combat. However, he is aware that the British officer intends to betray the tribe and manages to sow doubt in the chief's mind, enough so that the chief's son agrees to accompany Boone to spoil the British plan. The pair disable the British cannons just before the tribe arrives to claim the captives, ruining the officer's surprise attack and swinging the Chickesaw to the settlers' side. The action restores the son's honor and makes Boone new friends, even as the corrupt officer is hauled off by his own command for justice.


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