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"Dallas" Where There's a Will... (1982)

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This episode opens on JR dressing, in his room. He takes a phone call from Harv Smithville, the Ewing family lawyer. JR is eager to meet with him, for some reason, and they schedule an appointment for later in the day. Whatever JRs motives for meeting with Harv Smithville, the scene ends with an evil twinkle in his eye.

At the hospital, Cliff is awake. Afton is giving him something to drink out of a straw, as he still lies in his hospital bed. Pam arrives and announces that JR is no longer the president of Ewing Oil. Cliff mumbles something about all the Ewings being the same. Pam asks to speak to Cliff alone. Afton and Rebecca leave the room and Pam begins blaming Cliff for making their mother feel so guilty and making everyone worried sick. She storms out, but not before saying she thinks he is a better man than their father.

JR goes to meet with Harv Smithville and happens to find him with his son in law, John Baxter. Harv introduces the two and they make small talk. Baxter exits and JR immediately asks Harv to show him Jocks will. Harv explains that when Jock was in South America, he changed the terms to his will and it has been sealed. JR forcefully asks him to unseal it. Harv tells JR that his allegiance is to Jock and no one will see the will, outside of its terms. JR goes on to say that he admires Harvs loyalty to Jocks memory, pats him on the back condescendingly, refills his drink and says hell never mention the will again.. Back at the hospital, Sue Ellen is there to visit Cliff for the first time since he has been awake. She tells him how guilty she feels. Cliff asks her if she is still going to marry JR and she says that she thinks so. Cliff says that he is out of her life forever. Sue Ellen leaves sadly.

On the Ranch, we see JR in powder blue pajamas speaking on the phone in the garden. He instructs someone to meet him somewhere and smiles a devilish smile.

Sue Ellen calls Apton and tells her to stand by Cliff and love him, because that may be the way to keep him alive. The women go on to have a dialogue about how the men in their lives always want what they cant have. Apton asks Sue Ellen if she will remarry JR. Sue Ellen says she is afraid what will happen if she does, but she is also afraid of what will happen if she doesnt. She wishes Apton and Cliff happiness. Apton seems satisfied, but still weary of Sue Ellens motives.

JR walks into a bar to meet John Baxter. They sit and talk briefly, when in walks Serena Wald, whom is recognizable to Dallas fans, as one of JRs old flames . Baxter notices right away that she is a very attractive woman. It becomes obvious that JR set this up by the glances he and Serena are exchanging. JR introduces them and invites her to join them. They sit down and Serena begins complaining that she is going through a tough divorce and hates the lonely nights. JR gets a phone call almost immediately. He has to go, of course, and leaves Serena and Baxter at the table alone. JR flashes his evil smile before leaving the restaurant; another well planned scheme goes off without a hitch.

Just as we expected, a scene opens with Serena Wald in bed, John Baxter is standing and buttoning his trousers. It looks like they didnt waste much time since JR last left them. They exchange sweet nothings and kisses, until JR walks in on them. He acts shocked and says What will Harv Smithville think of his new son-in-law, in bed with another woman? JR tells Baxter to get home to his bride, half dressed, he exits quickly. JR hands Serena an envelope, full of money surely, and says Like my Daddy used to say Where theres a way, theres a will. This is where the episode gets its title and you realize JR really will stop at nothing to get his way. The viewer can only guess the blackmail that will follow.

Sue Ellen tells Miss Ellie that she is going to Southern Cross Ranch to clear her head. Miss Ellie nearly insists that John Ross stay at Southfork and Sue Ellen agrees. Southern Cross Ranch Belongs to Clayton Farlow, a wealthy oil baron and father of Dusty Farlow, Sue Ellens one time boyfriend and long lost love. We see Sue Ellen riding a horse and having breakfast with Clayton, who dotes on her constantly. She tells Clayton she is unsure about marrying JR. He tells her she can live at Southern Cross if shed like.

An ashamed John Baxter walks into a restaurant to meet JR. Baxter is asks JR not to tell on him for his affair with Serena. JR asks to see his fathers will. Baxter resists at first, but JR insists that he must show him the will or he will tell Harv of his indiscretion.

Cliff is back at home and Marilee Stone comes to the door and offers Cliff a new job that will involve helping her get JR. Marilee leaves and tells Cliff to contact her if he is interested.

Miss Ellie comes into town to meet with Bobby for lunch. Marvin Punk Anderson and his wife, Mavis are at the restaurant. They are trying to get Miss Ellie to attend this years Oil Barons Ball. Miss Ellie is unsure about attending the ball in Jocks absence, but says she will consider.

This episode ends in Harv Smithvilles dark office. A scared and worried looking, John Baxter has let JR in and hands him his fathers will. JR flips back the pages and reads for a moment. Looking to the heavens, he says Thank you Daddy, Thank you


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