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A human skeleton is found in the Grandview Cut, just below an overpass. The body is determined to be that of Elaine Walker, a woman that has been missing for a year. The authorities suspect her husband, Robert Walker, as her killer as he has a $1 million double indemnity life insurance policy on her, a policy on which he was trying to collect even before conclusive evidence that she was dead. He also admits he was in an extramarital affair with a woman by the name of Melanie Stone at the time Elaine went missing, Melanie who currently lives with him. Leary and Kosmo go undercover as a couple who are looking after the house next door to Walker's house. They want to discover conclusive evidence of his guilt through surveillance. When they find out Walker has purchased a single one-way ticket to Jamaica, they inform Melanie that her life may be in danger. Melanie says she believed in Walker's innocence up to this point, but decides to provide whatever information she knows against Walker...

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