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The episode opens on a rainy night where a video surveillance contractor, checking for cracks in the citys water pipes, has discovered a body. Before Da Vinci can get to him, he is washed further down the pipe line. After a wild goose chase down the pipes, Da Vinci orders the contractor to work out where hes gone and then call him. Meanwhile, as Kosmo heads home a street worker named Elaine approaches her asking why she didnt follow up her tip on the missing women case, made five years ago. Elaine had left a message with Kurtz which Kosmo believes must never have been passed on. Leary steps in to advise Elaine to take the complaint straight to Kurtz, preventing Kosmo from going in on Kurtz all guns a blazing. Leary and Kosmo speak to Ivan, the man Lila claims was meeting with Will that night. He says he never met him as he was in hospital with appendicitus. He also denies her allegation that he was in debt with Will, suggesting that Will was about to lend him some money to buy a bar. Da Vinci catches up with the man in the pipe, who appears to be homeless. While the contractor claims he cant have been living in the pipes, it is apparent that he was certainly spending a lot of time down there, as walls are covered in haunting art work, and the man has paint on his hands. Shannon has found the Mayors maid, an illegal immigrint, who tells him she overheard the Mayor and his wife arguing the morning after the Mayors car was stolen. Da Vinci tries to get the Mayors wife, Abbie, to own up to this but she is adament she has not being covering for the Mayor. Kurtz sends Curtis to observe a homicide call with Rose. Rose gives him a C+ for his analysis of the situation, a domestic shooting. A shot from way up above centres on City Hall before council meeting is revealed with Da Vinci watching. Counsellor Joyce Simkins is giving the Mayor a hard time about the hit and run, but soon moves onto the red light district, or Da Vinci Proposition which she says condones prostitution. The Mayor suggests the city already condoned prostitution when it issued the escort licenses. Sue fails to get bail and is seen in prison, befriended by a young blonde girl who calls a threesome of native women bitches. Dino is given his new job at the union. His first mission is to head down town to mediate between a bar owner, Costa, who says he is all good with Arnie and two rookie coops who are hassling regular customers. As Elaine goes in to complain to Kurtz, Leary and Kosmo are called out to a car explosion on Main and Terminal. The victim appears to be Ivan. Shannon is working as a security guard in an upmarket hotel, preventing escorts entering (except those who are friends of Dave) when he sees Kurtz and Jacobs enter. Checking the lift security camera he finds them in the throes of passion! Also in this episode, Jack Pierce suggests Da Vinci runs for counsellor in order to protect the safe injection site and the red light zone, as Simkins, the likely candidate for Mayor, is extremely opposed to them.
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