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  • On a dark and stormy night, a not too happy Da Vinci is wandering through a storm sewer, down which a dead body is floating. Because of the dark and circuitous route of the drain system, the city worker, the constables and Da Vinci are having trouble trying to locate the body. At City Hall, Council is dealing with two issues that have recently hit the media: the red light district proposal which has Da Vinci's name officially attached to it, and the Mayor's possible involvement in the hit and run death. Da Vinci tries to find out the scuttlebutt of who a possible replacement would be if the Mayor decided to step down. But he also receives an interesting proposal from the Mayor via Richard Norton. Regardless, Da Vinci tries to strengthen the case against the Mayor by speaking to his illegal alien housekeeper. Leary and Kosmo interview Ivan the Russian regarding Will Summers' death. Following that interview, Leary and Kosmo lose an important lead in the case. With Internal's investigation, Sue, denied bail, begins her pre-trial detention. With people on the employment move, Kurtz begins the process to evaluate Curtis' fitness as a Homicide detective, the process which includes Curtis accompanying Williams on a call. Kosmo feels that she is being pushed out of Homicide and contemplates using new information about an old case to bring Kurtz down with her. Shannon starts his temporary work in security at an upscale hotel. He catches some interesting activity on the hotel's security camera. And Rosario meets with the police union chief to discuss working for him as a civilian. Rosario quickly learns that there is more to the job than meets the eye.

    - Written by Huggo


The episode opens on a rainy night where a video surveillance contractor, checking for cracks in the citys water pipes...

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