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The episode begins with a montage of street workers in an industrial part of the city, maps of Vancouver, and overhead shots of the city. Bob Kelly and Da Vinci are in Chinatown where they talk with Civic Alliance representatives about Da Vincis plans for the red light district. Sandra Ferlingher points out that this is very valuable as the last available urban industrial land. She reminds Da Vinci that developers rule this town. Angie is at home and her house is set on fire by a man who looks like it could be Curtis. Leary has discovered that Simms is working with Vin Tuan, Lilas brother. Simms tells Tuan to get to Seattle ASAP but Leary arrests him just as he leaves port with the help of the RCMP. Da Vinci attends the scene of a car fire where a man has burnt to death. Angie manages to get her fire put out in time. Rags from both her house and the car are found to match. The man in the car is Trent Murphy, one of the witnesses set up by Brian to testify against Sue. Da Vinci organises a press conference at the proposed site of the red light district, sending press down to where Station Street meets Great Northern Way. He changes to location twice to avoid protesters sent by Joyce Simkins. Sue appears to have overdosed and gets taken to hospital where her heart is re-started. As soon as she gets the opportunity she escapes. Apparently she is unaware that her charges were stayed due to Brians other failed cases. Shannon helps Da Vinci and Bob Kelly start a rumour that he was arrested for drink driving in order to find the leak in the Civic Alliance (Ferlinger) and to embarrass Joyce Simkins. Da Vinci introduces Shannon as ex-homicide. Da Vinci helps negotiate an Inspector level retirement deal for Shannon using the tape of Jacobs and Kurtz. Jacobs sends Klotchko down to Leary to tell him to release Vin Tuan. Leary sends him round the block while he gets an ident from the guy Wills wife brought in. Da Vinci successfully announces his Mayoral candidacy with the support of the Civic Alliance, Alice Fellows father (a criminal lawyer), and Jacobs and Gohill from the Health Board present. Norton later speaks to Da Vinci offering to get some developers onside in exchange for some favours elsewhere. McNab is back in town and he, Da Vinci, Suki, Rose and Kosmo (and Carmine, the constable who always calls everyone) all end up at the same crime scene when a bank robber crashes his car and ends up dead. The bank robber? Dino Rosario. The season ends with McNab asking Da Vinci to use his Mayoral powers to get rid of a stop sign near his house!
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