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The safe injection site is closed one night because a cop and an addict are dead. Gene Lowry stabbed Constable Stuart Blake with a sharpened screw driver and Blakes partner, Constable Dan Archibald shot Lowry three times in the back. Bob Kelly suggests he will oversee this one because Da Vinci has a conflict of interests. Da Vinci maintains that he can be fair. However, there are signs that the cops were harassing people near the safe injection site despite there being a no go zone. Norton tries to persuade the Mayor to step down from councilGo before they twist the knifeand run for Premiere. The Mayor still claims he had nothing to do with the death of Alice Fellows. The newspapers feature a number of letters calling for the close of the safe injection site following the deaths of Lowry and the cop. Will Summers widow drops in to see Leary. She says she knows who was on the boat with Will when he died and that he is willing to speak to Will. The inquest into the hit and run is in danger of losing its central witness when she decides to go back to the Phillipines. Kosmo and Suki investigate a robber, looking at the perpetrators on surveillance cameras of the bank. The robbery looks very similar to one done a year ago on the same joint, where one robber escaped but the other two went to prison. Klotchko tries to influence Jacobs on how to tactically criticise the safe injection site. Jacobs makes it clear to Klotchko that he wants the no go zone enforced, however. A witness suggests he saw the incident at the safe injection site but his account of where the cop was shot doesnt match the pathology report. He also claims to know Lowrys name from The Province though names have not been released. Leary speaks to guy who was with Will on the night of his death. When the boat was raided some Asian guys pistol whipped Will and took his dope. The witness jumped into the water and swam ashore, thinking Will had done the same. Meanwhile, back in robbery, Angela learns that Dino Rosario was called out on the incident a year ago. Da Vinci begins to tell people that he is running for Mayor, asking Leary if he wants to be Coroner, an opportunity Leary takes. Angela hears about a case which folds at the pre-lims because of bad evidence gathered by Brian Curtis. Kosmo speaks to Kurtz about Brian, asking her not to support him when the Crown ask for a reference. Kurtz threatens her with Elaines complaint. She also tell Joe Finn the news, who defends Brian but starts to make phone calls. Rose finds out that Nortons client, the Italian banker, was informing for the RCMP. She interrupts one of Nortons meetings as he has not been returning her calls. She asks him once again if he knows where the Zangs money or the $7million the Italian was using to buy a freighter could be. Brian is suspended by the crown. Kurtz said nothing to help him. Brian blames Kosmo. The Mayor tells Da Vinci that hes being forced out. Curtis is seen watching Kosmos place.


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