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  • A murder results from the police patrolling of the safe injection site. Despite being demoted to robbery, Kosmo is relieved that the Crown is finally investigating Curtis and Finn. A potential witness to Will's murder comes forward. The mayor makes a decision about his future.

    - Written by James D. Lankin
  • There are two dead bodies outside of the safe injection site. One is Gene Lowry, a drug addict, and the other is Police Constable Stuart Blake. Although parts of the story are known - Lowry killed Blake and in turn Blake's partner, Constable Dan Archibald, killed Lowry - there are conflicting stories on exactly how and why the killings happened. Archibald states that Lowry was agitated, violent and aggressive, which provoked the entire situation. Others in the injection site state that the constables were earlier harassing people upon entering the site, despite there being a no-go zone for the police around the site. In Lowry's case, the constables were purported to have taken his drugs earlier which caused the agitation. Regardless of exactly what happened, the City Hall detractors of the site will use this incident to try and close it down, the primary detractor being Councillor Joyce Simkins, who is a potential mayoral candidate. Based on rumblings through the grapevine that Hathaway will retire to bypass any investigation of the hit and run, Da Vinci also lines up his ducks to take a run at the mayor's job. In doing so, he recommends Mick for his own coroner's job, and has a show-down directly with Hathaway about the hit-and-run. Angela, demoted to the Robbery Division, is partnered with Suki in an investigation of a bank hold-up, which has some similarities to a hold-up at the exact same branch the year before. And despite his advancement to Homicide, Brian's life slowly starts to unravel when Crown cases fall apart based on his shoddy police work. Angela uses this information to try and gain back her reputation within the police force.

    - Written by Huggo


The safe injection site is closed one night because a cop and an addict are dead. Gene Lowry stabbed Constable Stuart Blake with a sharpened screw driver and Blakes partner...

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