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  • Da Vinci meets with an old buddy from his police days, Nelson Horner, who has been doing some work for the Solicitor General's office. He gives Da Vinci a head's up that he is "being set up to take a big hit" due to the Mayor's controversial policies, further fueled by the murder in the red light district. This action stems from a war between the SG's office and the Attorney General's office and control of the police force. They both suspect that Jacobs has his fingers in the mix somewhere. Immediately following, Berger gets a call from Feeney of the SG's office for a meeting with the Mayor; Feeney tells Da Vinci that the SG is concerned about the grow-op shooting and the non-cooperation and animosity of both the police department and fire and rescue in the Police Complaints Commission. He strongly suggests Da Vinci quietly resolve these problems, including disciplining Jacobs if necessary. The next morning, the Police Complaints Commission releases their report with an inconclusive outcome, although the report highlights many problems both with the grow-op investigation and the non-cooperation by both departments in the commission. Although bothered by the result, Jacobs and Klotchko place a positive spin on the "no blame" aspect of the report and launch their own internal investigation of the non-cooperation aspect. In other words, they plan to sandbag Constables Ferris, Winters and Jones. The fire department is incensed by the inconclusive finding and Komori leads the department in job action by not wearing their uniforms on the job - Welles is not happy with Komori's action. In a further discussion with Rosen on his file folder of 53 complaints against the conduct of the police department, Da Vinci urges him to take the complaints directly to the SG's office based on the Commission's report and the discussion with Feeney. Da Vinci realizes that this will result in an investigation of the entire police department including the Police Board on which he as Mayor is Chair. This does occur, with the relationship between Da Vinci and Jacobs as part of the investigation. Independent with each and without each's knowledge of the other, Mah uses her charms to ease relations and get both Forrest and Sweeney, the fire and police union reps respectively, on side with the City's agenda despite the Commission report. With the red light district murder, Savoy questions Roberta and some prostitutes. Rumors abound the red light zone, the only common thread being that it was robbery-based. Savoy later finds that the murder looks to be the result of a known on-going domestic dispute, good news for the City and the state of the red light district. Webber, a City lawyer, speaks to Da Vinci regarding the civil suit launched by Mina Basra regarding the City's sanctioning of the zone and thus their role in the murder; Webber states that they should be prepared despite the City not being liable. Basra has hired one of the City's most expensive law firms, tipping Da Vinci to the fact that her campaign is being financed by a powerful third party. Mah uncovers the fact that Billie Simms' and Basra are related by marriage and that Simms' husband is a partner in the law firm. Thus Da Vinci decides to confront her on his suspicion that she is Basra's financier and is working against him on the red light zone issue. Despite the facts, she denies the allegations - she states that he is her ex-husband and she and Basra may have once been distantly related. Regardless of the real truth, Da Vinci suggest that they strike a deal to publicly support each other's priorities. With the pedophile case, Jacobs is ready to arrest Dubreau on homicide charges based on evidence that he was in the Century Club with one of the deceased aboriginal boys, this regardless of the state of the Coroner's office investigation. An insider informs Curtis of this, who in turns tips off Dubreau's people, stating that Dubreau should leave the country immediately and permanently. Due to Dubreau's escape to Costa Rica, a country with which Canada does not have an extradition agreement, Leary, on Kelly's advice, decides to raid the Century Club with Kosmo and Finn on a Coroner's warrant instead. The on duty clerk at the club, Mason, offers some resistance to the raid, but later does cooperate. He admits to knowledge of the activities of members of the club inside its premises, as well as admits to making travel arrangements for members fleeing the country to avoid police charges. He also distinctly remembers the situation with Dubreau and the 2 murdered boys specifically because the boys were younger than the usual. Mason also states that Dubreau had a penchant for native boys. On City business, Lloyd Manning once again brings up the issue of the City ad contract; he has evidence that bribes were issued by Pacific Comm to political officials. Councillor Ferlinger later speaks to Da Vinci saying that the RCMP Commercial Crimes Division has interrogated her on the issue based on evidence supplied by Manning. Although she said nothing to the Horsemen, Ferlinger admits to Da Vinci that she does know of bribery associated with the contract, but it was not she who accepted a bribe but rather Da Vinci's friend on Council, Jack Pierce - Pierce confesses to this. Da Vinci convinces him to cut a deal with the Crown, offer his resignation, and not implicate the current administration. Manning states that he doesn't want blood from the City or Pierce, but is solely out for financial gain from Pacific Comm as a businessman, this perhaps allowing Pierce to come out of the incident not totally scathed. With the homeless issue, McNab and Friedland are now working in cahoots with each other seeing that each knows the other's real background. They work in an effort to advance a housing project for the tent city squatters.



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