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"Crossing Jordan" Fire in the Sky (2004)

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Devan calls Jordan at home and awakes her. Jordan has just finished a double shift and Devan asks her to cover for her for a couple of hours. devan asks Jordan to do the favor out of friendship. Jordan doesn't want to cover for Devan but she goes into work anyway only to find Nigel and the rest of the staff arriving. Macy tells Jordan to stay at the morgue and takes Nigel & Bug on site to where a plane is about to crash. Woody shows up at the morgue with dinner for Devan and is told she isn't there.

No one knows where Devan is as she hasn't returned to work. Lily has her hands full with trying to keep family members calm in their grief while news of the plane crash develops. Family members bring DNA samples to the morgue for identification.Two oriental women fight regarding a family member from the plane. Jordan and Sydney examine the bodies. Nigel and Bug attempt to reconstruct what caused the plane to go down with Jordan's help. Macy asks Jordan to call Devan's cell phone, only to discover that it is ringing at the crash site. They then realize that Devan was on the plane and has been killed.

Woody works with an FBI agent in an attempt to find out why there was money on the plane. A mother arrives with her daughter looking for her son, as he is missing. She asssumed he was on the plane but the passenger list did not include the child. Woody wonders what happened to the son that was not on the plane with his Dad and attempt to recover the boy and hope he has not died as the boy needs a transplant.

Jordan consoles Devan's mom and finds out that Devan considered Jordan one of her best friends, which makes Jordan cry. Woody makes an effort to find the child and convinces him that he needs to be with his family. The boy is returned. Macy is unable to find all the bodies and gives a nice memorial reading at the crash site & Woody leaves flowers.


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