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"The Critic" Dr. Jay (1994)

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While in France for the Cannes Film Festival, Duke shocks Jay at a special conference when he unveils his latest creation: Phillipsvision. Duke's plan is to take older pieces, and change them around to make them 'better' and more 'commercially acceptable.' The example he shows at Cannes is of a revamped ending to the film 'Casablanca,' in which Ilsa Lund's character returns to Rick.

Jay chastises Duke for what he is planning to do, but suddenly, Duke collapses. Duke is rushed to a hospital where it is told that his condition is fatal, and gives him only 4 years left to live.

Returning to New York, Duke tries to make the most of the time he has left, but soon falls into despair. Noting Duke's emotions recently, Jay realizes that his boss (for being such a jerk most of the time) is a decent person deep down, and vows to find a cure.

After much experimentation, Jay finds the cure, and dubs it 'Jay's Oil.' Once cured, Duke throws a party, and is willing to give Jay anything he wants as a way of saying thanks. Jay immediately demands that Duke destroy his plans for Phillipsvision, to which Duke is at first incensed, but concedes to Jay's wish.

The show ends with a commercial-style montage, showing all the people that Jay's oil has benefited: KKK members, drunken oil tanker captains, seal-clubbers, foreign dictators, German skinheads, and prison inmates.
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