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David Abrams is assigned by the Public Defender to defend Hector Lincoln, a black man accused of assaulting a notorious slumlord. Abrams goes on the offensive, defending Lincoln by presenting evidence of the slumlord's contempt for his renters and the appalling conditions in his tenements. As David tries to bring newspaper attention to the case, he finds his emotional involvement growing more complicated when the atttractive Suzanne Terry, a respected reporter who is also black, champions the Lincoln case. Suzanne is amazed by David's ability to ride the raw edge of legal brilliance and contempt of court, his confidence and his ability to triumph, but David finds that courtroom victories can mean little in the real world. Julie's depression after her miscarriage alarms Mike Torrello, who promises her a getaway vacation together. David at last finds a home for the unwanted $30,000 retainer that Ray Luca left in his office by mailing it to Cory Luca in Ray's name.
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