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With Ted Kehoe as an ally on the board of a big penison fund, Ray Luca begins his expansion into legitimate business to help launder the Chicago Outfit's money by buying a bottling company with Phil Bartoli. But Bartoli, intoxicated with his seemingly unlimited wealth, is so overcome by greed that he pilfers the company's cash. Kehoe and his fiancee, company administrator Marilyn Stewart, are shocked but Kehoe accepts Luca's assurance that the money will be repaid before the company's loans come due. Marilyn, however, reports them all to ambitous Federal prosecutor Harry Breitel. Mike Torrello has a showdown with Julie, less to salvage their relationship than to accuse her of infidelity, which is the coda to their stormy marriage. Breitel, intrigued by Torrello's longtime friendship with Kehoe, becomes focused on linking Torrello with the Outfit. He's helped when Torrello, tipped off by a friend in the FBI to Breitel's case, confronts Kehoe and Marilyn separately but only succeeds in alienating Kehoe and frightening Marilyn. Bartoli is terrified when he learns he's to be indicted and he blames Luca, but Ray stands up to Phil and insists he'll "take care of it." After "taking care" of Marilyn, Ray indulges himself by going on a safecracking job with Paulie set up by Max Goldman. Torrello, while brushing off Breitel, forces Kehoe to confront the fatal results of his dalliance with the Outfit. But, rather than come in as a witness for the MCU, Ted Kehoe goes to confront Ray Luca alone.


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