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The FBI assigns Danny to find a young woman (Allison Marston) in rural Utah who is missing and feared dead. She was part of a polygamist community, where men take multiple wives and everyone avoids contact with the outside world. To infiltrate the clan, the Arnos pose as a polygamist family, but Celeste is none too happy to be Danny's second wife. Eli Marston (Nathan Stevens), the oldest son in the clan falls in love with Ruby. Ruby also likes him. She thinks she is being followed one night and stumbles, literally, over a dead body by the side of the river. It isn't the girl the Arnos are looking for, but she appears to have been severely beaten. Barbara then discovers a diary that talks about a shed where disobedient girls are taken to be punished. Can the Arnos discover what's going on before there are any more deaths -- and before Ruby is forced into an arranged marriage with Eli? Eli wants to be with Ruby but not by force. Eli knows where Allison is and takes Ruby there.


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