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Chance is now 13 years old. When Celeste and Ruby attend a rave party, a mischievous Chance decides to plant a bug on an unsuspecting Ruby. Ruby is tired of the rave and calls mom to pick her up. Then Danny finds the bug. The microphone picks up a conversation about drugs at the party, and Danny immediately leaves to retrieve their kids. After arriving at the rave, they hunt for Celeste and Ruby, and Barbara decides to check the ladies room. Seconds later, Danny hears two gunshots, and rushes into the bathroom to find Barbara on the floor, critically wounded--and a gunman pointing a gun at him. Now Barbara is in the hospital and Celeste blames Ruby for calling her in the first place. And so does Ruby. Detective Farren talks to Celeste who is not a credible witness as she lied when she said she was not high. Danny is under investigation for wrongful homicide. Celeste tries to help Danny track down Vincent. When talking with the detective, Chance keeps glancing at something hanging out of the detectives pocket. The cops may be the reason behind why any of it happened in the first place. Can Danny clear his name--and will Barbara recover from her injuries? The kids remember some details that when put together gives Danny the entire story. Barbara will recover and Detective Farren is in big trouble.
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