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"The Commish" The Wicked Flee (1992)

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While stranded with a stalled car, Jack Sullivan is attacked by a young man who then kills his wife Carol, all within view of their frightened ten-year-old son Mark. Arriving at the scene, Tony and Paulie get only the slightest details of the attack from Jack and Mark, and later learn the boy is a former student of Rachel's who still attends her school for the emotionally disabled. Meanwhile, David cannot bring himself to tell Tony that his basketball team is unhappy with his coaching.

After Caruso and Rose spot a truck fitting the vague description given by Jack that the attacker was driving, they give chase and though the driver manages to escape, he is eventually identified as Mike Welbek. However, when Welbek goes to see Sullivan late that night, he is shot dead and, as a traumatized Mark looks on, Jack plants a knife on the body before calling the police to report killing an intruder. Rachel manages to get Mark to talk about what he saw during the break-in and Tony wonders why Jack didn't mention that his son was in the room at the time and suspects Welbek may have been paid to kill Carol in order to avoid an expensive divorce, and then was killed by Sullivan in order to cover the crime. When he coincidentally shows up at a practice, David enlists basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain to fill in as the team coach in an effort to have Tony simplify his game plan.

When a search of Welbek's apartment uncovers the money he was paid for killing Carol, Tony examines the key he used to gain entry to the Sullivan's house and, finding only Jack's fingerprints, concludes it was planted on Mike after he was shot. Though Jack insists he will never make a case, after having been lured into a confession while offering a bribe to lose the evidence, Tony arrests Jack for the murder of his wife. Finally, even though it costs them a victory in a championship game, Tony takes Chamberlain's advice and lets the team play their own brand of basketball.


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