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"Combat!" The Masquers (1967)

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German soldiers are infiltrating the Allied lines dressed as Americans and Kirby is caught up in the action when he is involved in an ambush. He takes another soldier, Carl Driskoll [Roger Perry] prisoner not sure whether he is American or a German disguised as an American. They are both then captured by British Cpl. Tommy Behan [Gavin MacLeod], who is totally unsure who to trust. As they move along the road they come across a jeep that has been ambushed. The only survivor is Cpl. Marty Roberts [Nick Adams] who was a prisoner on the jeep. Now totally unsure who is who, Cpl. Behan handcuffs Kirby to Cpl. Roberts and marches his three prisoners away hoping to find help. They come across a hunters cabin in the woods and decide to bunker down for the night. While there the cabin is approached by to soldiers and Cpl. Behan challenges them. They are German infiltrators and both are killed in the ensuing shootout but Behan is wounded. As they sit through the night, Roberts tries to talk the other two into tackling Cpl. Behan saying he cant stay awake all night. Behan feels he can trust Driskoll who seems to have stayed out of any involvement and asks him to keep the others covered while he sleeps. Driskoll takes his sten gun and then turns it on Behan and kills him. Roberts (who speaks fluent German) tries to convince Driskoll that he is an infiltrator also and, as Driskoll is about to kill Kirby, the owner of the cabin bursts in and takes him prisoner. He is a member of the French Resistance and decides to take them all to the American lines so they can work out who is who. On their way there they come across a German patrol and Driskoll shout out to warn them whereupon he is shot by the Frenchman. Kirby and Cpl. Roberts (who are still handcuffed together) make a break for it just as the Frenchman is himself killed. They come across a farmhouse and try to find something to break the handcuffs which they manage to do. Now separated Roberts tells Kirby he is not going back as he is scared he will be shot as a deserter. As they move out they are pinned down by the three remaining Germans. Roberts tries to distract to Germans by posing as an infiltrator but is killed by a group of GIs that have arrived on the scene and hear him speaking German.


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