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Fine Acting On Combat
Jim Marchese22 December 2014
"The Masquers" is a story about chaotic deception & intrigue whereby no one knows the Germans from the Americans.

German infiltrators abound rampantly throughout and almost everyone's playing it safe. William Yates wrote a fine screenplay which serves to keep all players on their toes. Gavin MacLeod plays a strong role as Sergeant Tommy Behan an English soldier bent on survival. Nick Adams plays Private Marty Roberts, a spineless, lazy, troublemaker who's facing desertion charges. Character development & dialog are excellent. Abundant conflict and tension are generated amongst all involved; and Jack Hogan gets a co-starring role as the GI stuck in the middle of it all.

Earl Parker, Vic Morrow's outstanding stunt double along with Paul Busch make cameo appearances in the ending sequence which is very well done. And Private Marty Roberts is in for a very ironic twist of fate.

A cast of excellent veteran character actors makes "The Masquers" very entertaining and keeps the viewing audience guessing as to what happens next.
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Excellent Episode minus regular cast
Bill-1628 July 2012
Episode about the real life practice of Germans disguised

as American GI's being put in behind the Allied Lines to

cause death and mayhem. It turns into a real WhoDunnit,

or should I say, Who's the Real German?

Kirby is the only regular in the episode, but that doesn't matter.

An excellent supporting cast and a solid story, never mind that Gavin MacLeod loses his "limey" accent in some scenes.

Nick Adams and Roger Perry were 2 of the biggest Guest Stars on TV at the time and Adams had his own earlier Series and had some Big Screen success as well.
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