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It's How You Finish That Counts !
Jim Marchese17 October 2014
"Soldier Of Fortune" is a story about an American Intelligence gathering mission in which the goal is to tap into German phone lines to procure information.

The Sarge leads communications expert Private Andy Marsh (well played by Bert Brinckerhoff) and Private Ed Wallace (well played by William Campbell) into the heart of a German communications outpost. Once in the basement of the outpost, Pvt. Marsh goes to work.

George Slavin wrote a fine screenplay in which there's excellent character development between all 3 and later with the German Meyer (well played by Wesley Lau.) Solid conflict is generated between Wallace, Saunders, & Marsh; and Meyer is cleverly used as a catalyst to heighten it. Mr. Slavin really thought this one out. The viewing audience gets some excellent night heavy artillery fire along the way and a lack of early combat is compensated for at the end. The escape is well done and very believable generating more suspense along the way.

Director Sutton Roley did a fine job in the opening sequence. Camera angles are ideal for generating suspense as the trio permeates the communications outpost.

"Soldier Of Fortune" begins slow. But once the action picks up, momentum builds until the end. Excellent episode !
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