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Illusion and trickery
Leofwine_draca23 October 2016
THE CASE OF THE MISGUIDED MISSAL sees Colonel March on the hunt for a missing prayer book, if you can believe that. This averagely-scripted episode of the Colonel March of Scotland Yard TV series is another locked room element, although it's rather a locked safe in this instance.

The story is slightly enlivened by an early acting role for Anthony Newley and the appearance of real-life illusionist Chan Canasta, who adds a little fun to the proceedings. It's the sort of episode that fans of Karloff and the show will enjoy, although others might be a little less impressed.
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Early role for guest star Anthony Newley
kevin olzak15 September 2011
Episode 13, "The Case of the Misguided Missal" finds Colonel March following the trail of a valued 15th century prayer volume (the 'misguided missal') that disappears from a locked casket inside the locked safe of Oxford don Professor Wes Wesley (John Arnatt). His prize student is Nancy Pembroke (Jane Griffiths), who has two rivals for her affections, Garrick (Trader Faulkner) and Ned Young (Anthony Newley), who is immediately arrested for murder when Garrick turns up dead near the stolen missal. Wesley insists that the supernatural is involved, while actual illusionist Chan Canasta (playing himself) demonstrates how the book can disappear from a locked safe. As was usually the case, a lack of suspects makes the culprit's identity obvious, but the solution makes a difference. 23 year old Anthony (billed as Antony) Newley made his TV debut with this 1954 episode, two years before appearing in Hammer's "X the Unknown."
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