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An episode of regret to end forever
prazbin24 October 2006
Part 2: And the Fury is one of Cold Squad's finest episodes. It's the episode that makes all of the series come to an end and it well better be over for all its characters. Right at the end, when Sgt. Ali McCormick shoots by accident the prime suspect she's been suspecting of a little girl's kidnapping, she cries at the end, she really regretted what she's done right as the episode ends. Before she kills the guy, she's being the villain, what kind of police sergeant is being ? That last scene when Ali cries as she regrets what she's done, is also the moment when all she has done in her career as a cop, she regrets because she went throw a lot of trouble bringing justice to Vancouver. I wonder what would Det. Tony Logozzo be doing if he appeared in this episode. I think Ali regrets some things she as done in other episodes of the series, like breaking up with to boyfriends in the past, quitting her job at the end of season 6 and getting back to it in episode 1 of season 7, punching some suspects she tracked before sending them to justice, not being convinced by Sgt. Len Harper to release Lila Nelson in Borders after the drug bust, and a hole lot more things to mention, the list goes on.

As far as the others characters are concerned, Sgt. Len Harper does regret anything even if he should, finding his own daughter Kassia when she was missing, relieves him from avoiding any regrets in his own career as a cop. Det. Samantha Walters should regret what she's done to her family after she arrests her own father, which she deserves to in the end, regret it that is. Can we believe that she was an exotic dancer before becoming a cop, according to her backgrounds ?!?! Just comes to show that this is the episode from which we digged deeper in the personal lives of the investigators. Period.
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