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lipstick nuns
fab_max7 December 2008
I like this series a lot. Most episodes have a good feel for period and many of the stories have genuine feelings and an underlying sense of sorrow and regret. Sometimes I've even found myself quite moved by some of the stories. This particular episode had one of those quite touching stories, excellent B&W photography and the ever reliable Samantha Eggar going for it. Yet I just couldn't get over the sight of young nuns wearing full make up, lipstick gloss and mascara - supposedly back in the '50s!!! Even Samantha Eggar, as the older Sister Vivian, back in the present, was wearing an admittedly more discreet make up for her final scenes. Do nuns really wear make up in the States? What on earth was the make up department thinking about?????
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Good intentions; horrible results
badlandscowboy2 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Beware of explanations that begin, "Well, he (or she) had good intentions, but..." This episode is very disturbing. It reminds us of a time when caretakers were free to discipline however they saw fit, when authority figures were so overly respected that their word and actions were sacrosanct, when experimenting on humans was done "with good intentions."

The beginning of the unraveling of this cold case began with a suitcase sent to the PD with the boy's picture and first name. Among the clues Rush's squad pursued: 3 men in the picture who are sterile, DNA proving the boy (Arnold) was NOT related to the girl who thought he was her brother, a mysterious woman visitor to the site where the body in the box was found, and a hospital where the "Science Club" was subject to experimentation.

An adult therapy for behavior disorders applied to a child brought about a death that was totally unintended. Today we hope it could not happen. We have tried to put in safeguards that would prevent it. Will our "good intentions" have unintended consequences?
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