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"But, Daddy, that stop sign came at me from out of nowhere!"
RavenGlamDVDCollector29 July 2017
"But, Daddy, that stop sign came at me from out of nowhere!" It is one of the best CLUELESS Quotes. It's loaned from the original movie, only, there, it was a cyclist that she almost ran over.

The whole episode is just adorable, with Cher (Rachel Blanchard) hitting a stop sign with her Dad's big silver Mercedes-Benz and then sitting there on the floor as Dee (Stacey Dash) demonstrates a la SESAME STREET, in lieu of puppets, with designer shoes, the road rules as regards safely dealing with an intersection. It is just hilarious!

The bit with Dee and Murray in his red convertible I jokingly refer to as Rihanna and Chris Brown (only this one is funny)

And then, when everyone has their driver's licenses and Cher is the odd one out, and she looks so down in the dumps, "a non-driving freak" and can barely manage to congratulate everybody on how well their pictures came out...

Everything just makes me wanna yell out more and more that it should have been released on DVD. But listen to that original pop hit playing here accompanying Cher's pedestrian vision I'd doom. I have recently learned that it's musical clearances obstructing CLUELESS (the TV series) on DVD.

Okay, the bit with the dog was very corny, though effective, for that's kind-hearted Cher to a 'T' but hey, the dog was clearly not really limping and Josh would have told her that.

This episode is one of the few I have been able to download as a whole in its entirety. Thank you, VuClip!

Episode is also notable for (the now late) Brittany Murphy appearing as New York tough chick Jasmine.
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