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Really worth
Warning: Spoilers
This TV western episode reminds me HEAVEN KNOWS MR ALLISON, made the very same year: 1957. See for yourself.

Two bank robbers - Michael Rennie and Cesar Romero - escape after a bloody heist in a small town and one of them - Romero - asks his accomplice to get his own daughter - Romero's one - a child he placed several years ago in a convent. But when they arrive, they both learn from the nuns that the little girl died in the meanwhile. Romero is of course devastated and the two hoods continue their escape journey. But not far. In a saloon, they have to gun fight against the posse after them. Rennie kills a man and both friends have to escape again, but Romero is wounded. So, they come back to the convent where the Romero's daughter lived and died.

The posse goes berserk when the sheriff and his bunch have to struggle against the nuns, who of course refuse to let the posse come into the convent to catch the outlaws.

I won't get any further, but, believe me, I as truly amazed by this surprising episode, with Rennie in a very unforeseeable character.
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The IMDb summary has nothing to do with this show....nothing!
MartinHafer6 March 2014
This episode of "Climax!" is very unusual. While teleplays were very popular on television during the 1950s, they rarely had a lot of action. They were mostly stage-bound productions and you heard about actions that have occurred off-camera instead of seeing the action in most cases. However, "Strange Sanctuary" is an oddity—an action western complete with gunfights! It made for a very exciting show even though occasionally the plot had a few problems.

The film begins with a bank robbery in the old west. While two of the robbers got away with a lot of cash, the third robber was killed during the holdup. So, the two survivors vow to end their lives of crime and move to California. However, Miguel wants to first stop by a nearby convent and pick up his child he left there long ago. Unfortunately, the child has since died and Miguel's plans on giving her a wonderful life are dashed.

A bit later, Irish (Michael Rennie) and Miguel (Caesar Romero) stop by at a nearby bar to drown Miguel's sorrows in drink. Unfortunately for them, a guy in the bar recognizes them as bank robbers and there is a shootout. Miguel is severely hurt and the pair retreat to the convent for help. What's next? See the show for yourself if you'd like—it's available at archive.org for free download.

The acting was quite nice in this one, as was the action—hence a high rating. The only problem is that the nuns, doctor and sheriff don't always behave logically—at least not to me. But the good far outweighs the bad and it's well worth seeing. Plus, it's well worth seeing the English actor, Rennie, play such an unusual role and play it well.
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