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"Cimarron Strip" Nobody (1967)

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It's hot in Cimarron and a train full of dynamite stands in the middle of town and the railroad won't be able to move it for a couple of days. Two outlaws have been hitting on new settlers, one of which Marshall Crown arrests. In the meantime, a man with a cowbell around his neck, Mobeetie, gets drunk and celebrates what he thinks is a new job, by riding his horse through the front window of the Wayfarer's Inn. It lands him in jail overnight, which causes his job to fall through because he was late in reporting for the cattle drive. Mobeetie has nowhere to go and nothing to do. Dulcey takes pity on him and convinces the Marshall to give Mobeetie a chance, by giving him something to do. Crown recruits Mobeetie to help unload the dynamite from the train, then fires him, when a stick explodes. The two outlaws recruit Mobeetie to help them get rid of Crown. Mobeetie agrees, because he was angry about being fired. But will he actually be able to do it? Mobeetie's choice will have lasting consequences for himself and for Marshall Crown.


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