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Mustang Trail
biggm9 August 2013
Richard L. Bare directed some of the series best episodes, but this isn't one of them. It's not terrible in any way, but the story of a treacherous Mustang round-up meanders slowly along the studio set trail (with the help of some real outdoor stock footage).

In addition to Cheyenne, the central characters are played by Diane Brewster and Ross Elliot as a dull, disinterested couple, and veteran Western movie bad guy, Robert Wilkie, who sports a comically fake looking scruffy beard.

In order to spark some life into the script, there's some long winded comic relief about bad trail food, and a number of strained plot contrivances. There's little action until the very end.

If you're selectively choosing Cheyenne episodes to view, you can safely skip this one. You won't be missing much.
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