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  • When City Councilman Kevin Fogarty comes to Cheers on his re-election campaign spouting a whole lot of political nothings that nonetheless woos the crowd, Frasier bets the gang that he can even get a trained monkey on the ballot and garner 10% of the vote. Without a trained monkey in sight, Frasier chooses Woody as a good surrogate. Frasier does indeed get enough signatures to get Woody on the ballot. Woody helps his own political cause when Holly Matheson, a local reporter covering the City Hall beat, mistakes Woody's farm talk as an analogy for the problems of City politics. In an early poll, Woody garners 8% popular support, enough for the gang to concede defeat to Frasier. However, when Fogarty is caught in a public drunkenness spree, the gang figures that Woody can actually win the election and they go full force on his campaign. Frasier takes this task on as his own personal mission, that is until he has a nightmare of Woody as a career politician in the White House inciting a nuclear war. Frasier's pleas to Woody to withdraw from the race may have an unintended effect as Kelly has news of her own.



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  • City Councilman Kevin Fogerty is up for re-election, and stops by the Cheers bar. Almost everyone is enamored with Fogerty, except for Frasier. Frasier simply feels that in elections, people do not use sound judgement, and will vote for just about anyone.

    When Sam voices that Frasier is making too big a deal out of it, Frasier proposes a bet: put Woody on the ballot for City Councilman, with the caveat that come election day, Woody will get 10% of the electoral votes.

    Frasier puts his plan into effect, getting Woody on the ballot and posting up posters. When a journalist comes to interview Woody, Woody mainly starts talking about his time spent on his family's farm, causing the reporter to assume he's using farm life as a metaphor for politics. The interview causes the poll numbers to spike for Woody, pushing him to 8%. Seeing that the bet is already won, Sam concedes defeat and pays Frasier the bet.

    Frasier intends to then have Woody removed from the ballot, when word comes that Kevin Fogerty has been arrested for public intoxication. Feeling that they may have a chance to win, Frasier and the bar patrons push to build up Woody's image in the public's eye.

    Woody's poll number continue to increase, and as the election draws to a close, a televised debate is set for Woody and Kevin. Frasier tries to build up Woody's confidence, feeling that the City Council position could be the first of a procession of other professions ("Congressman, Senator...who knows?").

    The evening before the debate, Frasier has a nightmare in which Woody becomes the President of the United States, unwittingly upsetting another country, and leading to the nuclear destruction of the United States.

    Fearful that his dream will become a reality, Frasier goes to Woody and tries to get him to resign. Woody then goes onto the debate and breaks down in tears as he tries to resign. When his wife Kelly goes to comfort him, she reveals that she is pregnant, and Woody forgets all about the resignation.

    Woody eventually wins, and he later thanks Frasier for what he did, claiming he 'made it all possible.' As he walks away, Frasier's mind flashes back to his nightmare.

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