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beer that's with TWO E's
movieman_kev15 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When Diane, now a waitress at Cheers after her fiancé stood her up, doesn't approve of Sam's taste in dumb but beautiful women, Sam attempts to prove her wrong to disastrous effect. Meanwhile, a customer comes in to the bar in a sad state hoping to talk to Gus about his problems, not realizing Gus, the previous PREVIOUS owner of Cheers has died in the interim (a turn of events which won't make sense in another episode much later in the series) so Coach tries to help him with his problems instead.

Another good episode that shows the start of the relationship that Sam/ Diane would share later in the series. The end scene where Miss Chambers is obviously smitten before she realizes what Sam has done is a great one.
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Sam's Women (#1.2)
ComedyFan20101 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Diane sees Sam with the kind of women he always dates and makes fun of him because they are all dumb. He wants to impress her and brings his ex wife to pretend that they had a classical music date, but Diane figures it all out. And coach does some problem listening to guy who comes by looking for a previous owner.

One can already see that Sam and Diane will hook up one day. There is the whole chemistry. Although the story is very common, seen this many times on other shows as well. Yet, it is very funnily done. Many humorous lines, just like "once you had all the sex you wanted what would you do?" "I would help the poor". Made me laugh!
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