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Woody, Kelly, and Kelly's father Walter stop by the bar after an evening of Classical Music. Soon, Walter and Rebecca have started a small conversation, and he asks her to come by his place the next evening. Rebecca is ecstatic, thinking that Kelly's father has taken a possible romantic interest in her.

Meanwhile, Cliff is having problems with his Mom, and soon tells the others in the bar that the problem has been taken care of. Carla, Cliff, Norm, and Paul soon suspect that Cliff may have murdered her, not realizing that he has put his Mom in a retirement home.

In the meantime, Rebecca has gone to Walter's place, only to find that he had assumed she would help with the refreshments for a social function going on that night. Rebecca calls Sam who comes over, explains to Walter that Rebecca had assumed she was there on a date. Walter attempts to allow Rebecca to be his guest for the night, but in her sadness in the kitchen, Rebecca has drank a bit too much and ends up making a drunken fool of herself, causing Walter to eject her from the party.

Meanwhile, Cliff has come clean to the others about where his Mom is, and has gone to the retirement home to get her. However, when he sees how happy she is interacting with several of the other home members, he has second thoughts...until he sees the bill that Mom's insurance doesn't cover.

After this, Cliff returns to Cheers, where Sam has brought back Rebecca, who is distraught at how she has acted. Rebecca swears that she will never pursue someone in regards to their class and social standing again, leading the others to roll their eyes. As they sit, Walter comes to the bar and apologizes, saying that it was his fault for not stating the reason behind her invitation previously. Walter offers to treat Rebecca to a private dinner as an apology, but Rebecca declines, saying she would only do so due to Walter's weathy status, which would be unfair to both of them. Walter accepts her apology, and departs.

The others are impressed that Rebecca has kept her word...but soon find themselves struggling when Rebecca begs them to help her from going after Walter.


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