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  • The gang at the bar has found out that a seemingly sweet older bar patron, George Wheeler, has been hustling the Coach out of money for months, to the tune of $8,000. Sam thinks that the only person who can beat George at his own game is Harry the Hat. Apparently Harry knows George aka Eddie the Mole and suggests getting back through the Mole's weak point, that being poker. But if Harry knows the Mole, who's conning who...

  • When Sam learns that a conman has taken thousands of dollars from Coach, he turns to Harry "The Hat" to help them get the money back.


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  • Sam and the others notice Coach playing cards with one of the bar's older patrons, George Wheeler. However, what seems like a friendly, simple game, is soon found to be otherwise, when it's revealed that George and Coach have been betting money. George's 'hustle' over the last few months has caused Coach to lose $8,000.

    Wanting to help Coach, Sam goes to neighborhood conman 'Harry the Hat' for an assist. Harry tells Sam that George is well-known in several states, but that he does love poker. Harry then works out a deal with Sam: a small poker game will be set up, and George will be unable to resist joining in. However, when Harry asks for $5000 to use in the game, Sam at first refuses, but changes his mind when Coach's asks for him to go through with it.

    Eventually, the poker game is held, and just as Harry said, George shows up. After beating out most of the Cheers gang, it comes down to just George and Harry. However, George keeps winning, and Sam tells Harry he's concerned. Even so, Harry tells Sam he can still win.

    Eventually, George cleans out Harry, and Sam is angry. Harry tells Sam that he tried everything he could, but he's sorry. After going to the men's room, Coach notices that Harry actually had a hand of cards that could have beaten George's last play! The Cheers gang then realizes that George and Harry were attempting to con the gang out of their money. They demand that George hand over what he's won, but he refuses, saying he could very well report the bar for the poker game they are holding.

    It is then they reach a compromise. Harry still has some money on him. George can win it off him, and they'll split that up. George then requests that one of the group serve as a signaler to let him know if Harry has a losing hand. Coach volunteers, and says he'll rub his nose as the signal.

    After Harry exits the washroom, George tells him that the group is on to their scheme, and the two then play another hand. Both men put down all their money, and the tension mounts. Coach then rubs his nose, and tells George that it was itchy.

    George then puts down his 3 queens...but is shocked when Harry reveals four-of-a-kind! Harry then collects his winnings, with Sam angrily telling him not to come back. Meanwhile, George is seething at Coach, who insists that his nose really was itchy, and that's why he said what he said. George doesn't care about this, and calls Coach a stupid man who deserves to lose all his money.

    After George storms out, the group are unsure what to do, when Coach puts his head in his hand. He then starts to laugh, and suddenly, Harry emerges from the pool room! It is then revealed that Harry and Coach had a plan of their own, and kept it secret from everyone else! Harry then gives Coach back the $8000 he lost to George, and splits the rest of the nights winnings with the group.

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