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Cry Hard (#8.25)
ComedyFan201012 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Rebecca is upset that Robin got her rival a house but then he asks her to move in with him. When she does she finds out he used her password to get information about her corporation and take over it. She can get in trouble for it too, so she makes an appointment to tell about it. Only Robin comes and proposes, so she leaves with him. Sam tries to explain to the man the appointment was with what the situation is but it seems like Rebecca is in trouble.

Great beginning of a season finale. It seems that the Rebecca/Robin story will be wrapped up soon as they have to either break them up or get her into trouble. Am curious to see how it goes.
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I Am Too Stupid To Live!!!
Bolesroor8 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Rebecca discovers that Robin has been using her to get company secrets.

It's Season Finale time, and the writers get their act together and give us a strong two-part closer. Rebecca finds out that Robin is planning a hostile takeover of her corporation- and he's been using HER computer password to gather insider information. All the great ingredients from the best of this season are here: devious Robin, imploding Rebecca, and a morally-divided Sam. Will Rebecca turn in the only man she ever really loved? Will Robin make good on his promise to go straight? Will Sam protect his friend or give in to his undying urge to bang her?

Look at Roger Rees' amazing skills: when Carla tips him off about Rebecca's password he stops, turns to face her… you can hear his mind clicking, calculating... he checks his watch, wags his finger, and without a word of dialogue the man communicates more than most actors can with a page.

When the storyline moves this hard and fast there's much less screen time devoted to Norm sitting around and drinking beer, while laughing about the fact that all he does is sit around and drink beer. It's been eight seasons. We get it. An episode like this proves there's more to the show than endless repetition. Well done.

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