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"Cheers" Coach in Love: Part 2 (1984)

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A few weeks after Coach's fiance Irene won the lottery, the gang at Cheers are worried. Coach is still in high spirits about their wedding, but Irene hasn't been seen at the bar, and she's postponed their wedding date several times. Sam takes Coach aside and attempts to tell him what the others suspect, but he can't bring himself to do so when Coach asks Sam to be his Best Man.

Eventually, Irene returns to the bar to have a talk with Coach. She explains that her newfound wealth has introduced her to new people, and that she wants to see the world as well. She sadly apologizes for how her money has changed her, but Coach just dismisses this as a phase, and that Irene will return on their wedding day to be with him. Irene tries to gently tell Coach this isn't the case, but he still watches her leave Cheers, and goes about his business in high-spirits, as the others sadly wonder what will happen.

Eventually, the day of 'the wedding' comes about, and Coach shows up at Cheers well-dressed. With noone having heard from Irene, Sam attempts to call her daughter Sue...only to be told that Irene is engaged to another man, and living in Corfu, Greece.

Finally, Coach's denial regarding Irene finally gets to be too much for Diane, and she asks how he can still be so sure. Coach claims that his heart tells him that Irene will come back to him, and he continues to wait around the bar.

However, eventually, as closing time comes around, Coach, Sam, and Diane sit by the phone, as Coach hopes that Irene will call. Finally, he admits that he was wrong, and that Irene was right about her money changing her.

As the three decide to go out for pizza, the phone begins to ring. Diane suggests Coach not answer it, but he does anyway, saying how sorry he is that it didn't work out between then, and that she's better off where she is now. After he hangs up, Sam asks if Coach it really was Irene on the phone. Coach claims that even though he didn't hear a word from the other person on the phone, he's sure it was her.

Just then, the phone begins to ring again, but noone goes answers it, and it continues to ring as the three lock up the bar for the evening.


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