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Sam Malone: Oh, Carla, boy I hate to criticize, but I can't actually believe you read these sleazy scandal sheets?! I mean, look at this. I'm even above this. "Bigfoot Stole My Wife". "Have Aliens Taken Over Your Pet?" I mean, this is garbage.

Carla Tortelli: For your information Sam, I don't read those articles. I think they're just as stupid as you do. I get it because they happen to have a great crossword puzzle.

Carla Tortelli: [sits and starts working the the puzzle] OK, let's see. 7-across, "Five-headed cow born in Vermont".


Carla Tortelli: Maybelle.

[starts writing]

Carla Tortelli: 16-across, "State with the most UFO babies". Arkansas.


Sam Malone: [mutters incredulously] I don't believe this.

Carla Tortelli: 32-across, "Aphrodisiac found in every kitchen cabinet".

[Sam secretly starts showing some interest, but still feigns disinterest]

Carla Tortelli: Uh, I don't know what that one is. Let me see what 14-down is. "Where Franco's brain is being kept alive". Fishtank. OK, so, the fifth letter of the aphrodisiac is an A. Now I remember: oregano.

Sam Malone: [Sam secretly grabs a napkin and pen, and starts scribbling "oregano"] Trash.

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Sam Malone: Hey, Diane. Surprise

[holds up a brown paper bag]

Sam Malone: Found something else of yours lying around my place.

[pulls out a garrish looking red and black teddy from the bag and holds it up to Diane]

Sam Malone: Remember this?

Diane Chambers: Good Lord. Is that for wearing or for signalling aircraft?!

Sam Malone: Well, this is your teddy isn't it?

Diane Chambers: I don't know which of your mindless bimbi left that in your apartment. If she paid money for it, she should be seen to and chemically altered.

Sam Malone: Hey, what, what, you don't like the color?

Diane Chambers: What made you think that was mine?

Sam Malone: Well, you're the only person I know that shops at those fancy French places.

[shows Diane the teddy's label]

Diane Chambers: "The House of Ooh-La-La". Get it away from me. It's horrendous.

Carla Tortelli: [walks in and sees the teddy. picks it up. gushes.] Wow! This is lovely.

Sam Malone: Do you want it?

Carla Tortelli: Me? Oh, I can't take this Sam.

Sam Malone: Oh, no, please.

Carla Tortelli: God, Thanks.


Carla Tortelli: Ah. From "The House of Ooh-La-La".

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