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Christmas Cheers (#6.12)
ComedyFan20102 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It is Christmas! And Rebecca makes them work on Christmas Eve until the last customer leaves. Sam also finds out that Rebecca got them gifts and everyone else got gift for her as well. So he rushes out to find something but all stores are closed. Yet an angel in form of stewardess comes and gives them some stuff she bought.

Well it is a Christmas episode. It is made to create a Christmas spirit in us, even in the worst cynics, represented by Frasier in this episode. So it isn't all too funny. The scene with Santa in the end was all cheesy only luckily unlike in many other sitcoms we see that this is not a real Santa. And they used my least favorite Christmas movie to evoke Christmas spirit in the gang. Please, if I roll eyes whenever I watch it I doubt it would make someone like Carla cry!
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A Very Yuppie Christmas
Bolesroor29 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Cynical and sweet, witty and stupid, "Christmas Cheers" is the ultimate 80's holiday thrill-ride, in which Sammy learns the true meaning of Christmas: stealing gifts from a semi-retarded woman is alright as long as you give them to your frigid corporate supervisor in an attempt to bang her. Norm is Santa for for no particular reason and Frasier spends the episode feeling the bitter sting of the consumer culture until a corny, inexplicable change of heart sends him rushing to the piano to pound out "Deck The Halls."

Cliff is stuck in one of the most poorly-written B-stories in the series' run: he's competing in a canned-food drive against rival mailman Walter Twitchell, but we never see the canned goods or Twitch himself... the whole story is told through heavy exposition and a clunky TV News broadcast. The one saving grace here is Jayne Modean, the lusciously-adorable guardian angel who agrees to a lingerie fashion show on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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Undemanding Yuletide fare from the Cheers gang.
Spikeopath26 December 2015
It's funny that there are only two reviews written for this Xmas episode from the much beloved Cheers series, more so given that because both are unflattering reviews many have piled in with ticks of death! What's pertinent about that is the death tickers haven't thrown up there own positive reviews for us to peruse...

This episode is lazy, short on gags and the intended stabs at narrative messaging about the spirit of Xmas also fail to make a telling mark. That it's not a complete disaster is down to the cast and the characters they always bring so vividly to life.

But here's the crux of things, if a none Cheers fan turned on the TV and witnessed this as there first exposure to the show, would they be laughing out loud and be hooked in for ever?...

It's OK to be a Cheersphile (and I count myself very much of that number) and say it as it is when it happens to be a bad episode, and this is. So! Death tickers at the ready, Get Set GO! 5/10
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