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Funny Episode
Claudio Carvalho19 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Phoebe has a premonition with a demon killing a man, and when the Halliwell sisters defend him, Prue recognizes the demon as a former high school sweetheart. The football player Tom Peters wounded his knee, and his demon-agent Mr. Kellman recruited him for a demon academy. Tom is in the last step to become a demon, and Prue proposes a fight in a wrestling ring controlled by the Source, disputing the Halliwell sisters' souls against Tom's. Meanwhile, Phoebe tells Piper first and Prue later that she did not vanquish Belthazor.

"Wrestling with Demons" is a funny episode of this series, with many good moments. When Piper is babbling, for example; the effects of the "lost and found" spell; or when Phoebe and Prue fight and win two giant demons, are hilarious. The motive for Prue trying to save Tom's soul is totally unreasonable, and Phoebe finally discloses to her sisters that Cole is alive. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Lutando com Demônios" ("Fighting with Demons")
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Just hit me
owlaurence25 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
No way. Some parts of this episode make me wince just thinking back on them. It is a good thing that Phoebe finally reveals to her sisters that she hasn't really killed Cole, and I appreciate their reactions : although incredulous, Piper mostly worries that Prue will be furious. And indeed, Prue takes the news very badly, but we come to see that mostly she's terribly hurt that her sister lied to her. The lost-property spell causes some great moments. The pens crowding the drawer, and all those lone socks reappearing from wherever the washing machine sent them to... although it's a pity that the dog just isn't mentioned anymore afterwards. And I really like Daryl's scenes. The guy really does a good job of remaining calm despite all that's happening around him.

Now to my complaints. First of all, the obvious parallel between Phoebe and Prue. After what happened between Phoebe and Cole, it is the right place to introduce Prue's ex-boyfriend, who is on his way to becoming a demon. The trouble is that the similarity is never evoked, and both sisters actually insist that each other's boyfriend is unredeemable. That seems completely out of character for them.

Second : the training center for would-be demons. The notion of recruiting desperate people through a manager is quite good and significant, but the rest couldn't be more silly. Just consider : the training includes 6 steps, and only for the last one do the trainees have to kill someone. So what do they do during the rest of the training ? Pilfer fruit at the market ? besides, it's the first and only time we'll ever hear about those chevrons.

And the same goes for my third point, which is : wrestling as a refresher course for demons. ARGH. Why not curling or ping-pong while we're at it ? There is nothing magical here, or even remotely scary. Just brute force and blustery talk that don't really scare anybody.
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It was such an amazing episode!
hikarma28 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This episode definitely kept me on my toes and I couldn't stop watching! It was so mesmerizing the way they tried to save Prue's (Shannon Doherty) old boyfriend Tom after the demons try to turn him into one of them. "Wrestling With Demons" is definitely a good episode title because the Charmed Ones actually wrestled with 3 demons in a wrestling ring in the underworld. This episode will definitely keep you watching because even though you know they always end up winning, you just want to know how they do it. This episode was somewhat a change from the usual plot (fighting demons to save innocents). It involves a lot more emotion also because Phoebe has to fight her guilty conscience and tell her family the secret about Cole's vanquish. This is certainly an episode worth watching!!!!
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Hit the mat
Realrockerhalloween10 September 2016
This episode doesn't seem to fit in charmed and seemed only done to draw in a new fan base. While the storyline is broken up into two parts connected they really don't follow or relate to one another. Sure you get plenty of action, but not in this complicity. The music to reflect It was the worst ever scored for the show in my opinion. It could've been another fun fluff extravaganza if it bothered to put though into the ending. Ron Pearlman is better used as a romantic figure instead of a tough guy.

Still I never like to trash this show and will say Tom's other scenes are magnificent, Phoebe's conscious catching to her provided nice drama and exploring the demon world was interesting for the most part. The special effects weren't bad and even added a creepy environment spots.

While not the best episode, its worth watching every one to better understand the mythology or the sisters arches. This may entertain others, but not my cup of tea.
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The One With The Demon Wrestling Match...
Taylor Kingston6 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoy this episode. It's not one of my all-time favorites, but it's still pretty good.

In this episode, Phoebe has a premonition of a man being attacked by a demon, so naturally they save him. But when Prue recognizes the demon as an old boyfriend from high school, they must figure out how he became a demon. They realize that a demon sports agent takes care of his clients and turns them into demons. Like a demon training academy. Actually, not like, it is a demon training academy. The sisters follow the agent and old boyfriend into the Underworld, where Prue and Phoebe have to literally wrestle demons in order to get out. In the end, they save the almost-demon and vanquish the agent. Also, Phoebe finally tells her sisters that she didn't vanquish Cole/Belthazar.

Fun Fact: This is the first time the sisters go to the Underworld.

Best part of the episode: When everything gets returned to the sisters, because of a spell.

Worst part of the episode: When the sisters travel into the Underworld in an elevator, it made me a little queasy.

Overall, I give this episode an 8 out of 10, which in my ratings book is: Awesome.
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